Jun 292011

At Pest Control of El Cajon, we are proud of defending the residents of El Cajon from bed bugs. It would appear that bed bug infestations in El Cajon are on an upswing. We aren’t certain as to why there’s a surge of bed bugs in El Cajon, but it’s likely caused by many more people purchasing used furniture from Craigslist and inadvertently bringing these bed bugs home.

el cajon bed bugs

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The thought of bed bugs in your own home probably will strike fear within you. They’re among the pests that you really can’t ignore. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you. Bed bugs feed on humans by piercing the skin with what’s called a stylet. Bed bugs use this stylet to saw through human flesh to find blood vessels for feeding. The bed bug can then suck the blood of the human for five to 10 mins before returning to its hiding place. The area where bed bugs have fed will most likely swell and itch.

El Cajon bed bugs are wonderful at staying concealed so you may not see them for a while. Bed bugs will often hide in small crevices and only emerge at night. Typically, people don’t know they have a bed bug problem until they have been attacked during sleep. Also, if you see blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, it’s best to call us quickly. You shouldn’t sleep in your home if you think that you’ve got a bed bug infestation.

You ought to contact our El Cajon bed bugs pros at (619) 565-1615 if you think that you have a bed bug problem. Not all El Cajon Bed Bug treatments are exactly the same, so contact us today to have our El Cajon bed bug experts come out to your home.

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